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 Rev-A-Shelf Lazy Susans      Rev-A-Shelf Trash       Rev-A-Shelf Sink & Base    Rev-A-Shelf Bathroom    Rev-A-Shelf Pantry   Rev-A-Shelf Drawer   Rev-A-Shelf Wall    is a proud retailer of Rev-A-Shelf lazy susans, trash pull outs, and many more cabinet accessories! Rev-A-Shelf has long been the most trusted name for lazy susans, but we also offer their extensive line of cabinet accessories to make your kitchen incredible.
Functional Accessories For Your Wood Kitchen CabinetsChoosing the most functional kitchen cabinets possible can seem like somewhat of a daunting task. There are so many different things that you'll want to be on the lookout for that it can be difficult to even know where to look first. Everything from the wood that the cabinets themselves are made out of to the accessories that are available to help you make better use of your kitchen's space are things that you can choose from today. All of this may be a pleasant surprise since so many people seem to think that RTA cabinets are a one size should fit all solution, when they're really not.Choosing the WoodThere are many different types of wood that wood kitchen cabinets can be made out of today. These woods range from light to dark and anywhere in between. Each type of wood also has its own intensity of grain, along with its own distinct style. They include oak, maple, cherry, pine and hickory. The type that's best suited for your kitchen will depend upon the overall look that you're trying to achieve.Choosing the AccessoriesBesides choosing the right type of wood, you'll also find that there are a lot of different types of accessories available for you to choose from. These have all been created to help make it easier for you to use whatever space you have available to you within your kitchen. They include things like:1. Shelf Lazy Susans - They are made available to make make your corner cabinets more useful. Since you can turn the shelving within them, you can now store more items and it will still be easy for you to find whatever it is that you're searching for.2. Shelf Trash - Pivot out waste containers are made so that you can easily hide away the trash instead of leaving it out to clutter up your kitchen.3. Shelf Wall, Shell Drawer, and Shelf Pantry - Large storage shelves are also available to tuck inside of your cabinets so that you can easily stack items both small and large kitchen items.4. Shelf Sink & Base and Shelf Bathroom - These are tip out trays are can be great addition in front of your sink where you may want to hide away things like sponges.You will want to check out the wide selection of cabinets and cabinet accessories at There you will certainly be able to not only find something that will suit your kitchen's aesthetics but also make your cabinets that much more functional within your home as well. They're available in any of these wood grains.